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Leslieann Hobayan

Welcome to Witchy Writers

A supportive community of women of color using magic to amplify their creativity.

About Me

I'm Leslieann Hobayan, a thriving empath, poet, and recovering people-pleaser. I love sharing my gifts and my knowledge in the hopes that it will help people thrive in their own lives, too!

Why You Should Join Me

This community is about supporting graduates of Heal to Power as they continue the work of healing from trauma, knowing that this journey is just that: an on-going journey. And in this community, we offer encouragement, support, and light.

It’s about honoring and celebrating who we are as women writers of color. By healing our wounds of trauma, we can access our magic and fully step into our power.

Each month includes a live monthly group coaching call to help integrate the healing work and offer support along with a monthly live new moon sacred healing circle, during which time we release the things that no longer serve us and invoke the things we want to appear in our lives.

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